ASUS Padfone First-Hand: Computex Smartphone

    The main brand of Computex 2011 is ASUS, which, unlike HTC, does not forget its roots, and traditionally performs powerfully at the "native" exhibition. In addition to a whole bunch of interesting gadgets, among which the 199-dollar netbook on MeeGO and the 7-inch 3D tablet stand out, ASUS with pathos introduced, of course, the main primus - the PadFone hybrid miracle-judo. Imagine an iPad, in which a compartment was cut out at the back and an iPhone was put in there - this will work out.

    My first and main thought was this: eeee and cho? Unfortunately, on the day “zero” a working prototype was not shown, and I doubt that it will appear, because even in the official press release there are no details and characteristics of the devices, it is only clear that the display switches automatically when the phone is inserted into the tablet, and The smartphone is installed on the microUSB pin. The diagonal of the screen of the tablet is 10 inches, the smartphone is 4.3, both are probably controlled by Android. Also, the smartphone is able to charge from the tablet.

    The team is me and the editor of the “Notebooks” section Kim Korshunov, we work in Taipei for the second day, under the cut there is another video - “day minus one” on Computex. Who is interested in the news of the exhibition - on our website there is a special section Computex , you can also ask me questions intwitter .

    And here, Kim and I, under the guise of guest workers, entered the Computex pavilions under construction.

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