Meet: DrupalSN - social network of drupal-developers

    DrupalSNHello friends and colleagues!

    We are glad to inform you that we have finally launched the long-awaited project DrupalSN - a social network for drupal developers.

    DrupalSN is a community of developers who build websites on CMS / CMF Drupal and seek to share solutions and recipes for creating sites on this wonderful system.

    The project consists of sections and pages:

    The site includes a rating system that accrues both for topics and for comments.

    For convenience, included:
    • internal correspondence between users;
    • a system of connections between users, such as friends ;
    • bookmark system;
    • Facebook and Twitter posts
    • invites (invitations);
    • removal of a post from publication by its author.

    Currently, registration on the site is available by invitation only. If you need an invite, leave a request and mail, I will send.

    To read the rules, frequently asked questions about the project, you can see the FAQ page .

    Unauthorized users, in addition to the lack of opportunities to write topics and participate in discussions, have hidden personal data in vacancies, resumes and profiles.

    The project is similar to Habrahabr , so that no one has any doubts that when working with Drupal, nothing is impossible - it all depends on the imagination and skills of the developer.

    Currently, the stage of development of the project can be safely called the initial, but the project is developing and will continue to develop. We have many ideas, as well as fantasies.

    If you have ideas for a project, voice them (we have a blog “ Ideas for a project ”).

    The project is associated with the magazine “ Drupalogiya ”. This implies that the best articles published on DrupalSN will be printed in the journal.

    Authors: Daniel Ishmaev , Stanislav Yezersky
    Link to the site:

    The project works on the assembly " Drabr ", which can be put on your site and supplement with functionality (detailed information on the assembly site ).

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