dotPeek - a new, free decompiler from JetBrains

    Hello! Today I have one more happy message for everyone who is still looking for a replacement for Reflector - the dotPeek decompiler from JetBrains has finally “gone public”.

    Briefly, dotPeek allows you to:

    • Decompile .Net assemblies versions 1–4 in C #
    • Do code navigation (same as in ReSharper)
    • Make syntax highlighting, folding, and generally provide an experience similar to Visual Studio
    • Control the program using the keyboard, with shortcuts similar to ReSharper

    Today, many features familiar to ReSharper users are already available, such as: Go to Symbol / Type / File Member, Find Usages, Go to Implementation / Base / Derived Types, Parameter Info, Quick Documentation, Type Hierarchy, Extend / Shrink Selection.

    If interested, you can already download dotPeek or read a more detailed overview of the functionality .

    Since the product is currently under development, your feedback is very important to us - complaints and suggestions can be left on our tracker , we also have a forum for discussion . You can also follow dotPeek news on Twitter or Facebook .

    Yes, and I want to remind once again that the decompilation functionality will also be in the 6th version of ReSharper, an early build of which can be downloaded here

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