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    wmetric.comLet me introduce a small project, which, however, may be useful. The web metric ( ) allows visitors to rate any article on your site in several ways. Using Web metrics, your site visitor will be able to say more than plus / minus, and he does not need to spend time writing a comment. It integrates simply - copied, pasted and works, registration is not required for installation.

    Voting contains 4 parameters that seemed to be the most common (interesting-boring, useful-useless, reasonably-stupid, competent-incompetent). The average values ​​for each parameter are displayed by arrows: positive ratings - up arrow, negative-down. Longer arrow - higher score. In addition, there is one synthetic parameter - "percent of ideal." It is considered this way - the Euclidean distance from a specific set of values ​​(voting) to the maximum “good”, “ideal” point is calculated, and then this distance is divided by the maximum possible distance from this point in the space of possible votes. The meaning of this parameter is: how close is the article to the ideal. If the parameter is 0%, then the article is completely sucks, and if 100%, then the article is perfect.

    A choice of two voting options “only positive ratings” and “positive and negative” is proposed. In the first version, the user votes only in a positive area, for example, he can evaluate how “smart” the article is, but he cannot — how “stupid". This option is probably better suited for copyright sites - no one will want negative ratings in their personal diocese. In the second version, voting is possible both positive and negative, which allows, for example, various authors in competitive mode to measure their works within the same site.

    User authorization during voting occurs through one of the social networks. The sessions are long-lived, so for the next vote, the site visitor will not need to re-authorize, even if he comes to your site next time in a month.

    I will be glad to hear your expert comments and advice.

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