Grade 2

    You buy a computer, it works perfectly with your OS. And you absolutely do not care what is inside of him ... Well, the box and the box. So you went to the store, took a box from the shelf, turned it on and work.
    In the same store you see a box with the game and the logo of your wasps.
    Conclusion - since the OS works perfectly (there is even a sticker on the forehead, everything is shiny), then the software with the OS sticker should work all the more.

    Why do developers allow themselves to release programs that, at least in the mode of truncated functionality, do not start with the minimum OS requirements?
    Whose problem is this? Software developers, what did they write, or wasps developers, that they let this try to start?
    It’s the same as if buying a disc with the logo of play station 3, he would refuse to work for you ...

    But is it not for this that the thing counting the point in the system is made in Vista?
    It's time to glue the average score for the sold system units, and to glue the same required iron score on the box with the software.
    Or open the analog appstor for iPhone.
    I wish Microsoft released patches that block software that does not work on Vista's minimum system requirements.

    Who has any thoughts on this?

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