Axure Keyboard Shortcuts

    I did not know how to publish a similar post. It seems to be a translation, but it seems that you can call a translation with a stretch. In general, the Facebook Akshurovsky community has a useful topic with a list of hot keys . I removed from the list those hot keys that everyone already knows about, and also added a translation to those that remained. At one time, knowledge of this material increased my productivity with Axure by at least 20%. Good luck in your work. Generate Protoype

    Quick Commands
    : F5
    Generate Specification: F6
    Regenerate Current Page to Prototype: Ctrl + F5

    Next Page / Master (Next Page / Wizard): Ctrl + Tab
    Previous Page / Master (Previous page / master): Ctrl + Shift + Tab
    Close Page / Master: Ctrl + W
    Scroll Right: Shift + Mouse wheel down
    Scroll Left: Shift + Mouse wheel up
    Zoom In: Ctrl + Mouse wheel up
    Zoom Out: Ctrl + Mouse wheel down

    Group widgets (Group): Ctrl + G
    Ungroup (Group ): Ctrl + Shift + G
    Bring to Front (Move to the topmost layer): Ctrl + Shift +]
    Send to Back: Ctrl + Shift + [
    Bring Forward: Ctrl +]
    Send Backward: Ctrl + [
    Align Left: Ctrl + Alt + L
    Align Right: Ctrl + Alt + R
    Align Center (Center Align): Ctrl + Alt + C
    Align Top (Align Top ): Ctrl + Alt + T
    Align Middle (Center Aligned Horizontal): Ctrl + Alt + M
    Align Bottom (Align Bottom): ctrl + Alt + B
    Distribute Horizontally: Ctrl + Shift + H
    Distribute Vertically: Ctrl + Shift + V
    Increment Footnote: Ctrl + Shift + Q
    Decrement Footnote: Ctrl + Q
    Lock Location & Size : Ctrl + K
    Unlock Location & Size: Ctrl + Shift + K
    Edit Location & Size: Ctrl + L

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