A small overview of web radio services and Internet players

    Recently, especially when there is nothing to do, I often want to turn on some kind of background music (I work more often in silence). Searching and filling out a player every time with different good songs annoys me wildly. Laziness took its toll or fantasy ran out, but every time I got tired of compiling a playlist in a similar way, as, indeed, with an ordinary shuffle. It was decided to try what the web offers. What I found there for myself, I’ll try to tell. If you can add a delicious url, suggest.

    So, web radio services:
    1. Last.fm - I think everyone knows the service. I was familiar with the fins before, and I really liked him until they decided to monetize him. The prospect of paying, even though I did not like $ 3 a month, and the search continued. Although the database is based on the performers, their number, the database of interconnections and similarities, and the radio itself is excellent, well, “millions of lemmings can't be wrong!” =)
    2. GrooveShark - It’s quite an excellent replacement for the fins, also wants money, and also 3 evergreen pieces of paper, but only for disabling advertising (which happy owners of Chrome can turn off for free ;). But there is one drawback, which, at the time of testing, seemed too serious for me: each user can download tracks, and the system itself chooses the best quality and, as a result, the size version. Thus, owners of slow Internet are left overboard. And the radio in similarity with the number of tracks is not an example worse than a flipper. Music, of course, cannot be downloaded either. Following!
    3. Weborama - Domestic online radio, not a bad base, a smart enough robot designing new music files, a nice interface ( Gorbunov’s Bureau tried). By registering, we get the opportunity to upload our own tracks, write reviews and other goodies that almost nobody needs. Plus, it’s download speed, the web panorama plays music at a speed of 128 kbps - the owners of low-speed or torrented lines will be happy. But, first, for the music in the mood, the main feature of the service, the base seemed to me small; second, the styles of electronic music that I love more than mitol =) are not represented at all. Downloading music through non-channel methods is also impossible.
    4. Pandora - A pretty good radio, but not available for non-U.S. users:
      Dear Pandora Visitor,
      We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the US We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative.
      Nuff said, but looking and using a fresh shtatovskiy proxy just for listening to music is somehow not sporty.
    5. Tune.ru - A slightly less pleasant-looking player than a web panorama, but a little more functional. Radio is divided into three: “by genre”, “by mood”, “dance”. You can listen to custom playlists and upload your track, but you can’t download the track anymore. For karmadr fans to measure karma there is a user rating.
    6. Moskva.fm - Excellent service, since August 2007 they record and analyze the air of all Moscow radio stations, i.e. allows you to make flashback and remember how it was. It is a pity that the morning show at the maximum with Bachinsky and Stilavin ended in June 2007, I would listen with pleasure. Many other whistles are tightly seated in the service, such as guessing songs, their social services with blackjack and much more. Quite a good placeholder for silence.
    7. SHOUTcast radio - Thanks Crea7or . A free service from the creators of winamp, which allows you to create your own Internet radio station and listen to others. According to the creators, thousands of radio stations are represented, many of which really deserve attention. Search works on an impressive number of genres, of course there are ratings
    8. Station.ru - Thanks to SergeyGrigorev . It broadcasts 7 on-air radio stations: D-fm, Maximum etc, a little more Internet radio stations and a large number of user collections, such as "Women's Rock Hits" or "Tender Radio".

    However, often enough you just want to find a song, download, and not click on banners, write captcha, do not put crutches for VKontakte or browser, that's what was found for such a case:

    1. Vpleer.ru - Elegant and nothing more: we search, listen and download tracks from vk.com, last.fm and some others.
    2. ProstoPlayer - Same as vpleer, but with the ability to organize music into playlists, a more convenient player that does not change from page to page, and a pleasant design. And, the highlight, you can have one playlist for different computers if you log in under the same account.
    3. Tagoo - Search for tracks, videos and even programs. Of course, you can’t get away from collective cheats, popular users, and other attributes of web_nice. It has its own modest tagupedia - information on the performers. I myself do not use it for redundancy of functionality.
    4. Losseless - and the last, for real audiophiles: It searches for unstoppable music, most often in the FLAC format. Almost never used, I can’t say anything good or bad.

    Of the listed services, and some others, I use GrooveShark and Weborama, from mp3-rockers, ProstoPlayer.
    I don’t use Vkontakte - I can’t say anything about his applications and his own player.

    Also popular now: