“Write about what will be interesting”

    A certain clustering of interests is characteristic of any human community when there are more than three people in it. The Internet community is not an exception, where almost every user has their favorite thematic platforms in which information and communication belong to a certain thematic area. The site Roem.ru serves as a similar platform for communication between specialists in the field of Internet technologies and has already become a universally recognized authoritative expert and news resource of the Runet. Its creator and editor-in-chief Yuri Sinodov shared the secrets of promoting thematic sites at his lecture at the State University of Management.

    To develop your thematic Internet project, it is important to understand the features of competition on the Internet. Mr. Sinodov separately addressed this issue.

    “It is often indicated that there is no competition on the Internet,” he said. “In fact, this impression is due to the fact that the audience of sites often does not overlap. For example, I worked on the Medportal project. This project consisted of subprojects: Medmedia and Mednovosti. And both of these subprojects were dedicated to one thing - medicine, they had one sponsor, but the audience crossing was only 10 percent. However, competition, of course, still exists, because it is very difficult to get users to stay on your site. You must understand that the one who appears first gets an advantage. If you come to an empty field, you will get the entire audience and the competitor will be forced to move along the “scorched earth”, competing with you for a share of the growth of the Internet audience. You will already have some kind of your own audience. However, in this case, do not relax and do not forget about the audit. After all, you may get the feeling that you are very cool and no one is afraid of you. But competitors can accelerate audience growth and quickly get closer to you. ”

    Thematic, especially news, Internet resource requires constantly updated content that is interesting to the user. Therefore, Mr. Synodov also spoke about the search for topics for news and articles on the site.
    “Where to look for topics? What should be the principle of selection? Roem.ru began with small paper squares on which the most influential and interesting companies were written out, which were supposed to be constantly monitored for news. And it helped. You need to monitor what is happening in the industry you are writing about, about companies that play a prominent role in this industry. Regularity is important here: you need to look at all available sources of information in search of news on the topic. This may be useful information from blogs. If you start using them, very soon you will have your favorite blogs that you use most often. One of the main mistakes made by the creators of online media is that they publish all the news they find. Filtering is important here. It's like mushroom pickers: I'm not sure - don't eat.

    For the online media, this is also an important question, such as how to post news: you can post either the full text of the article or just the headlines. For myself, I decided to post the full text of the news. But good headlines are also very important. The site, in fact, is a lot of links. Attendance is distributed linearly on the site and depends on the clickability of the headings. Here you can give advice: if you are not proficient in writing good headings, it is easiest to create verb headings. They have the structure "the object did something." They may not be the best possible headings, but this way of creating headings is the most reliable in itself. And over time, you yourself will begin to understand which heading is good and which is bad. In general, formally learning journalism is not difficult:

    How are exclusives obtained? This is not only what no one knows. These are also those things in the information field that may eventually trigger other events. In order to find exclusives, you need to communicate, go to many events. It’s impossible to deliberately enter the information field and give yourself exclusives - they appear gradually.

    Sooner or later, when you write news, a negative appears. That is, some negative information about specific organizations or events. When working with negativity, you need to remember a few important points:
    • You need to discard unverified information, cover yourself, because you become a source of information, so work with negativity carefully;
    • It is also impossible to throw away the negative - they simply stop going to you. In journalism, blocking the negative is a great sin. ”
    To assess the effectiveness and dynamics of the development of the site, you must not forget about the audit of the audience of the resource.
    “Audit of attendance of your resource should be carried out constantly so that you understand what is happening with your audience,” said Mr. Synodov. “In this way, for example, you can evaluate who writes articles for you, how popular he is with visitors. However, attendance figures need to be looked at as relative. Only the lack of growth or a drop in the number of visitors should alert. If there is no growth, two explanations are possible: either your audience is selected and you have nowhere to grow, or your site is uninteresting, and you need to change the editor. Another important indicator is the ratio of attendance and the constant core of visitors. Sometimes attendance grows, but the core does not. This means that visitors who are not interested in the subject of the site come. The audience does not read the site. ”

    -What to write on the site to make it interesting to users?
    - The readability of the material depends on two factors - how quickly you prepared it and how well it did. Quality is a very subjective indicator. It can be improved even after the publication of the news by updates. At the same time, when the news appears in public space, the longer you prepare the material, the less you read.

    - How did you promote your project?
    - I did not promote it at all. You can see the statistics of visits to my site - it is freely available. There you can see that the initial audience growth is quite high. It’s just that the site didn’t start from scratch. I had a blog where I wrote about all the rumors that came to me. There were about 500 visitors. And these visitors switched to Roem.ru when I opened. In general, I thought the dynamics would be worse.

    - How does the core size of the site affect the preferences of advertisers?
    - Two factors can be distinguished here. First, if the core is large, then it burns out too quickly. The user will see the advertisement once or twice - and he will get tired of it. On the other hand, if the core is small, then it is not clear what the audience of the site is interested in and what to advertise on it.

    - Why is there no contextual advertising on Roem.ru?
    “She was there, but I decided that she was not profitable.” In two weeks I received 100 rubles for her.

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