Tuning Speed ​​Dial

    In version 9.20, Opera introduced the useful Speed ​​Dial feature, which allows the user to get access to 9 favorite sites instantly after opening each new tab (either by pressing Ctrl + number). When you install a site in a cell, Opera loads it, and generates a small preview.
    A small problem turned out with sites built on Ajax. For example, if you use the services of GMail or Google Reader in the Speed ​​Dial, you most likely see the following picture:

    Due to the fact that Ajax applications start displaying content after the page loads, we see “empty” Speed ​​dial slots.

    It is treated quite simply, but with a little "picking the insides" of Opera.
    You need to close the browser, open% Path to Opera% / profile / thumbnails and replace the necessary previews. Launch a browser.
    I got it like this:

    I hope in future versions this feature will be optional in the interface.
    (Note: the reload property for the slot must be disabled (this is done by default))

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