Microsoft will give out Windows and Office for three dollars

    Bill Gates at a conference in Beijing yesterday shared plans for Microsoft's expansion into third world countries. He said that by 2015, the company set a goal to acquire two billion users, which should guarantee a cloudless future for the world's largest IT company. For this purpose, special distributions with software worth only three dollars will be released.

    Student Innovation Suite three-dollar drives will include the base version of the Windows XP Starter Edition operating system, as well as the Office Home and Student 2007 office suite, the Windows Live Mail mail program, Microsoft Math 3.0 training programs, and Learning Essentials 2.0 for Microsoft Office.

    Now Microsoft is working with the governments of different countries to ensure the mass distribution of such discs among millions of students and schoolchildren. For example, they can be included in a set of cheap PCs that are subsidized by the state. In 2008, the program will be expanded to all countries of the world that are officially considered low or medium level of development according to the World Bank. By the way, this list includes Belarus , Ukraine (lower-middle level), and Russia (upper-middle level of development).

    According to Microsoft executives, distributing cheap CDs with the help of the government is the only way to distract schoolchildren and students from the “hostile” Linux operating system, which is completely free.

    via ComputerWorld

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