Vladimir Menshov refused to award the film "Bastards"

    At the MTV 2007 Movie Awards, the famous director Vladimir Menshov refused to award a prize in the Best Film nomination for the Bastards movie.

    “I will not present this award to a film that dishonors my country. Let Pamela Andersen give this prize, ”Menshov said, throwing an envelope with the result of the vote on the stage.

    The award ceremony was held on Thursday evening at the Pushkinsky Cinema. The ceremony was hosted by actor and TV presenter Ivan Urgant and actress and model Pamela Andersen, who flew specially from the United States.

    Menshov refused to comment on RIA Novosti’s decision. “Can I recover from all this without comment?” He asked.

    The movie "Bastards" was released for rent under the advertising slogan "Neither love, nor longing, nor pity." It was directed by director Alexander Atanesyan, scripted by Vladimir Kunin. The plot of the film is based on the fictional events of World War II.

    The action takes place in a training camp, which is located in the snowy mountains of Kazakhstan. Of the juvenile delinquents, of the “scum”, supposedly, according to the secret directive of the Soviet command of 1943, a special group is being prepared to be sent to the Germans. Carers, including the head of the camp, were selected from the "convicts" of the Stalinist camps.

    In connection with the release of the film “Bastards” on the country's screens, the FSB received indignant appeals from representatives of the media and the veteran public about the inconsistency of the plot of the film with historical reality.

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