Poll. Test Automation Tools

    Hello, dear Khabrovites!
    My colleague and I are preparing a report for the conference on the topic of testing automation of desktop applications. The value and usefulness of the report will increase if we can use the results of a survey of the professional community in our presentation.
    I will share results on Habré.

    Basically, the questions relate to the tools used in the software testing process. By testing tools are meant: bug tracking system, virtualization system, build system, version control system, automated tests.

    There are three debatable questions - they can be answered here in the comments.
    The link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DJTFHFH - 10 questions with answer options. It will take you no more than 2.5 minutes to answer them.

    The event will take place on May 20, so please answer the questionnaire until May 18 inclusive.
    Thanks for participating!

    I. Free vs. Commercial (licensed) software

    Using free software for testing (for example, Bugzilla, VMware Server, SVN, etc.) allows you to minimize investment in the tools used.

    A. In your opinion, how does this affect the quality of the testing process?
    B. In which cases is it preferable to use free software for testing?

    II. Testing desktop applications

    A. Have you had to automate testing of desktop applications?

    If so, what were the main challenges?

    III. General questions and test tools (10 questions with answer options = <2.5 min)

    PS The
    survey continues, and the results promise to be representative - as of May 12, 123 people answered. And what’s most unexpected, after the number of respondents overstepped 100, I get this message when checking the results:

    Unscrupulous Monkey for Surveys requires 25 euros to see the results of over a hundred respondents - and this is in the midst of the currency crisis in Belarus!
    Keep answering, break through :)

    Upd.Results can be seen in this topic .

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