Runetology (95): managing partner of the Internet marketing agency WebProfiters Andrei Yunisov

    Andrey Yunisov - about methods of web analysis, about ways to improve traffic, about the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Internet business, about the controversial nature of marketing in social media, about how to measure brand loyalty, and about which tools for web analysis he prefers myself.

    Guest Interview:
    • Andrey Yunisov, his career, work in Parallels and his own business.
    • How important is the mathematical component in web analysis?
    • What tools do WebProfiters use? Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica: what is better for what purpose?
    • "Web analytics combines two large inseparable parts: the quality of traffic and how the site passes this traffic through itself."
    • Is the effectiveness of social media marketing still difficult to prove?
    • “Loyalty and brand metrics can also be measured.”
    • Why website analysis should not be trusted marketers?

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