LibCanvas News

    About six months ago, I laid out several topics about LibCanvas. Then there was a lull on Habré, but not in the repository. The work was actively promoted and the library gained new strength, capabilities and basic documentation.

    The topic will be relatively short. This is actually just an introduction to a series of articles about LibCanvas.

    Failure from MooTools

    So, the main news is the abandonment of MooTools and the transition to AtomJS . This decision was made for several reasons:
    1. Do not use global space, in particular the $ function, which often conflicts with jQuery
    2. Refusal to support IE <9. LibCanvas uses the most advanced technologies and use a framework that supports a browser a decade ago - it slow down your progress. It also allows you to significantly reduce the amount of code, because you don’t have to implement a bunch of built-in methods like forEach and indexOf
    3. Freedom of optimizations. Some sections could be accelerated, but the bottleneck is in the base framework.

    Switching to GitHub

    Initially, the project was hosted on Google Code . The commit history and all developments have been moved to GitHub . I Bonch twice advised it and I'm glad that he convinced me. I just opened the repository a long time ago, but finally moved there much later. I recommend to everyone.


    Also, GitHub now has documentation in Russian . Of course, it far from completely covers all the features of the library (% 25), but it is better than nothing and it is actively being improved. Who wants to help with the translation into English - I will be glad, but it is advisable to maintain it in an active state.


    Now I use the same collector that builds MooTools. Thanks slik , Packager is very convenient .


    All examples now lie on and the source code is rendered as readable as possible. Now, each example is a small guide to actions in which everyone can contribute. In the end, I will also restore the official site , but at the moment GitHub fully covers all the needs

    Development plans

    Recently, the project turned one year old. If I didn’t abandon it in a year, then it’s serious) Feature requests and bugs are accepted.
    I invite everyone to the Jabber conference , I will be happy to advise and help. I will be glad that the committer, that just the users.

    This is just the beginning, wait for interesting articles and applications.

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