Expertise of the FSI FIPS website

    A week ago a topic was published with an invitation to conduct an examination of the site of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FGU FIPS).

    Perhaps Friday is not the best day to start working together, maybe then it was just the first warm day, but the topic did not appear on the main one and none of the users took an active part in the examination. Please suggest another day and / or time of the week when it is better to start an examination of the next site (if there is still gunpowder in the habraporochovitsa). So far I propose the next examination to start on Monday.

    I, as an initiator, should set an example, so I conducted the examination myself, as much as I could. As a result, in about 3-4 hours of work, I managed to find 11 advantages, 19 shortcomings, express 11 wishes and note 7 interesting facts about the site being studied.

    I’ll talk about the merits of the site and interesting facts here, and more detailed results with my recommendations can be found in the document posted on Google Docs (another link: the source file in the .docx format on ).

    Website Advantages
    • A large amount of information is structured so that you can quickly find the right one.
    • Very, very much information. A large, carefully executed work is visible.
    • For each page, the date the information was updated.
    • Convenient contrast illumination of the highlighted menu item.
    • The text of the pages themselves is pretty clean from the point of view of HTML / CSS: no Word excesses, extra tags and attributes have been noticed.
    • In the Invention and Utility Models section , both application and petition templates and examples of filling them out for various cases are well presented. The same applies to the section Samples of applications, applications and petitions and examples of their filling .
    • Throughout all the texts there are many links to other relevant documents, where you can find out more. Email addresses are also valid links. Phone numbers are indicated with the area code.
    • All pages at the top have an adequate navigation chain.
    • A good site search that takes into account morphology (sort of like).
    • An excellent detailed search with the ability to set many criteria - I did not see analogues on other similar sites.
    • Organized access to specialized databases (registers) at (sorry, there is no full-text search on them).
    Interesting Facts
    • According to the information of the section Electronic interaction with applicants: “Since January 2011, the Federal State Institution FIPS begins trial operation of the first stage of an automated paperless examination system for inventions - the electronic filing system for inventions and plans to conduct trial operation in cooperation with three organizations of patent attorneys (at the initial stage moments requiring the intervention of technical and legal services, so the number of participants is limited). Three participating organizations will be determined by lot in the presence of representatives of all interested organizations that have submitted applications. ”
      Apparently, work is underway to develop the EDS system. Perhaps the company that implements the “paperless paperwork” unjustifiably and unlawfully forces citizens to use the services of only their CA.
    • With such close integration with the Rospatent website, it is completely incomprehensible how the site managers themselves are not confused about where exactly they need to put this or that document, where to look for it later and where to put the link.
    • From the browser “Opera Mini 6”, which I use on my smartphone, the site is viewed correctly.
    • Designers may be curious to look at registered trademarks in the Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation .
    • It is also sometimes curious to look at the patents themselves, for example, a useful model of the POSITION SENSOR FOR THE REGULATORY BODY OF THE NUCLEAR REACTOR .
    • The Register of well-known trademarks in the Russian Federation is curious - there are only 102 items in it, really well-known :-)
    • In the section, the Register of Industrial Designs of the Russian Federation came across a charming MATRYOSH-VERTUSHKA GAME SET .

    PS: Attention: right during the preparation of the topic (12:38 MSK), a message appeared on the site : “Dear users! For technical reasons, open registries are not available on 04/22/2011. We apologize for the inconvenience. ”
    So the registry links do not work yet (or request a username / password).

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