RIF 2011: Plyushchev, Merkurov and RIA-Novosti

    UPDATE: at the request of the habra-people, they uploaded the video from the RIF to Youtube and hid the

    second part of the video from the RIF under the cut . The leading sections of the TOPs on the RIF are Alexander Plushenko and Anton Merkurov, as well as RIA Novosti.

    Anton Merkurov is dissatisfied with the GOSUSLUGU.RU

    under the cut Plushenko and RIA Novosti

    Alexander Plyushchev about the provocation of the leaders of Mail.ru, Yandex and Google: “This I am such a freak, right?”

    The head of the User Generated Content division of RIA Novosti that simple relaying of posts on social media does not work.

    And the deputy chief editor of RIA Novosti believes that twitter will never replace the media, and the main role of the media today is to verify information.

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