Toyota cars are switching to Windows Azure

    Microsoft and Toyota announced a strategic partnership to create a new generation of telematics services based on the Windows Azure platform ( Microsoft press release ).

    First, “cloud telematics” will be implemented in Toyota electric and hybrid cars (RAV4, Prius), but by 2015 they will put on all new models. Toyota is the world's largest car manufacturer and is rightfully considered the most innovative. Connecting car computers to the Internet and the Azure cloud will allow you to deliver modern digital information services and somehow more efficiently manage the charge of car batteries, as well as communicate with each other.

    It is possible that the announced deal with Toyota is only part of an even larger agreement, the details of which have not yet been announced. For example, other technological projects are being implemented with Ford .

    Although jokes about the blue screen seem inevitable, it should be noted that Microsoft is not new to the automotive computing market. The Microsoft SYNC platform has been installed on Ford cars for the US market for several years, and soon it will also be installed on European and Russian cars.

    Speaking at a press conferenceRegarding the signed agreement, Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft is always “striving for where the consumer is” and that the company intends to promote a full-fledged platform for developing applications for car computers. He also expressed some regret that the new development is not compatible with Ford SYNC.

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