Sony Ericsson is preparing an Android update for the Xperia X10

    Good news for all owners of the Xperia X10 appeared on the Sony Ericsson global blog on Friday: the company confirmed the upcoming firmware update for the device to Android 2.3 Gingerbread .

    In the photo - X10 on Gingerbread

    The update will be released in the summer, at the end of the second - the beginning of the third quarter (June-July tentatively).

    The topic of support and updating firmware versions remains important and relevant for owners of all Xperia smartphones on Android. Now the Xperia X10 runs on Android 2.1 Eclair. At the end of last year, updates to version 2.1 were also released for the Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro models , as well as the Xperia X8 .

    Earlier, Sony Ericsson has already announced that it does not plan to update Xperia above version 2.1 - but this statement caused a wave of protest on the Internet, and the company listened to its customers. The development of new software for Xperia smartphones in 2011, which are already released on android 2.3, made it possible to prepare updates for previously released models. The Xperia X10 interface on Gingerbread will be the same as on the rest of the Xperia phones this year. The exact set of functions will be clear closer to the release of the update, while they are working to provide the maximum features of android 2.3 available on 2011 models, with the exception of platform limitations - such as, for example, the lack of an HDMI output.

    Xperia X10 will receive a standard Android camera interface, so features such as face recognition, Smile Shutter - "capture" the moment of a smile - will be lost, instead of the Moxier mail application, standard Android applications will be used, and Mediascape will replace widgets that control the entertainment capabilities of the phone.

    Updating the phone will only be possible through the computer using the Sony Ericsson Update Service. Return to 2.1 will no longer be possible.

    There are no plans to upgrade the X8, X10 mini and X10 mini pro yet.

    To extend support for new models is not only does not discourage buyers from more modern phones (and X10 is still actively sold), but also supports sales - it is important for the consumer to know that buying an expensive gadget with the latest version of the popular platform will not be one-time for him, and no one will drive him to the store for a new device when the next firmware version is released.

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