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    My post is about people like me. Those whose relatives, friends or loved ones live abroad. Those who unrestrainedly miss them and are looking for the opportunity to call more often, cheaper and without much trouble.
    From this point of view, IP telephony is my favorite achievement of science and technology. And if earlier I had a very vague idea about this, then when my mother moved to America (4 years ago), I had to look for options.
    At first (out of inexperience, of course) we used traditional telephony, broke terribly, tried to call less often, talk less. By the end of the second month, our conversations began to resemble telegrams:
    - Mom, everything is fine with us, Igor was promoted, Lenka got married, and now I am a legal public relations specialist.
    - Give everyone my congratulations! Everything is fine here, too, but I missed the buckwheat, I can’t find it in stores.
    Then we grief in half moved to skype. But mom has a complicated relationship with computers. She is my musician, you see. Harpist. Neither science, nor technology in the head, only notes. And, frankly, the quality of Skype communications at that time was far from the highest level.
    It was during that period of my life that I learned a lot about IP telephony. It's funny that after 3 years I got a job at (an IP telephony operator in the Russian market). Now my mother and I are actively using my official position and both are very happy: the quality is excellent, it is indecently cheap, and there are no problems with special programs.
    I suggest you do the impossible - to call abroad for free . Our company provides users with the opportunity to test calls to another country . You do not even need to register for this.
    Just in case, I enclose the instruction.
    1. First you need to determine the place of your current stay.
    2. Then enter your mobile phone number in a special form.
    3. Then, an SMS message with an access code will come to your phone. Enter it in a special form.
    4. Enter the number of the called party.
    5. Your phone will receive a call to which you must answer. Subscribers are connected using callback technology - callback. The essence of this technology is that first dials up to one subscriber, then to the second, and then connects them together. After you pick up the phone, the two phone numbers connect and the conversation starts.

    As you can see, making a call is very simple. If everything goes like clockwork and you appreciate all the advantages of the IP-telephony that offers , then I am sure we will become good friends.
    PS If you really want to call abroad, but there is absolutely no one, then call my mother. Still, she is bored there, across the ocean ...

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