Expression Web 4 Service Pack 1 with HTML5 and CSS3 Support Released

    The Expression Web 4 website design and development package was updated as a service pack. This package, among other things, represents for the package new tools to support modern web standards: HTML5 and CSS3.

    Service Pack 1 includes IntelliSense support for the full HMTL5 specification. In addition, some editors of the Expression Web 4 package have added support for CSS3 standard properties, for example, border-radius (screenshot below).


    In addition, Expression Web 4 adds support for Internet Explorer 9 as a source for snapshots of web pages. And the simultaneous markup tool for various browsers SuperPreview received a large update and support for rendering the browser Chrome and IE9. SuperPreview also added support for password-protected pages, which users have long requested.

    Expression Web 4 SP1 has improved PHP support, added support for hundreds of functions from PHP5, and improved some user interface features.

    As a trifle: InetlliSense support was added for special characters and codes (on the left) and almost all the missing main browsers for the page preview function (on the right).

    image image

    A detailed announcement of the innovations can be read at this link .

    You can download Expression Web Service Pack 1 from here .

    You can download the updated standalone Expression Web SuperPreview package from here .

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