A new drone can recognize human breathing inside a building

    The American company TiaLinx introduced a model of the unmanned aerial vehicle Phoenix 40-A , which is designed to patrol territories and detect living creatures.

    The Phoenix 40-A is equipped with a motion detector, video cameras, night vision device and a UWB radio scanner with Sense-Through-the-Wall (STTW) technology. This device breaks through concrete and can catch the breath of a person hiding inside. In addition, a remote-controlled drone can study the layout of the building.

    The device flies around the route in GPS coordinates or in remote control mode. It is great for patrolling the border with Mexico, which thousands of Mexicans storm every night. Some sections of the border are fenced off with a concrete wall, behind which violators are hiding.

    In addition, new flying robots can be used by the Ministry of Defense, the Department of National Security, other law enforcement agencies and fire departments.

    Phoenix 40-A is the second TiaLinx robot equipped with the same device. A month ago, the cougar20-H tracked model was released. Here's a video on how the Sense-Through-the-Wall (STTW) system works.

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