Now in New York, you can appeal the penalty for improper parking on the Internet


    In the USA, one of the most unpleasant things for any driver is to get a fine for improper parking or driving at a red light. It seems to have gone literally for a minute, and upon returning over the windshield, you can see a rather big fine (in places up to a couple of hundred dollars) or you can go to a yellow light, and a photo with a fine for driving to a red light came in the mail. According to American laws, you can appeal any fine in a special court, but if you needed to do it earlier or on the appointed day, go to court or write a paper letter to the court with evidence of your innocence, then from today you can compete for your innocence the internet.

    To do this, you need:
    • fill out an application for electronic hearing on a special site
    • Write why you consider yourself innocent, if available - add evidence of your innocence (photos, documents).

    The Special Judge will review your application and make a decision in your case within 30 days. You will receive an answer by e-mail.
    This program (though on another site ) can be used by those who received an “environmental” penalty. Incorrectly disposed waste is considered as such (they threw the battery, building concrete, etc. into the trash, instead of handing it in a specialized place and paying money for it), waste that was mistakenly disposed of (the household garbage was thrown into the “only for recycling” trash) and fines for street pollution with your pets. About 250 thousand such fines are issued per year.
    In New York about 10 million fines for incorrect parking are issued per year, of which about 1.2 million are disputed, of which 500 thousand are canceled.


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