Tablet of dreams. How long to wait?

    For more than half a year now I have been closely watching the tablet PC market (now it seems like Wacom is wrinkling with displeasure). During these six months, just a couple of times there was a strong desire to buy a device, but after reading the reviews, it disappeared. The first desire arose with the advent of the first iPad, but, twisting it in his hands, I realized - not mine. The second itch in one place began after a review of the Motorola Xoom.
    Naturally, the theme of tablet PCs (hereinafter referred to as “tablets”) skips more often on Habré:
    once - Comparison of iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad and BlackBerry PlayBook
    two - Best tablets of 2011
    During searches, reading a huge number of reviews, dry technical specifications and comparing with competitors came up with simple criteria for choosing red or bluepills of my dreams.

    So - the criteria are in decreasing order of importance (purely individually - everyone knows the saying about felt-tip pens)

    1. 10 "1024x600 (or somewhere nearby, but not much needed - the battery will be
    eaten ) 2. Tegra2 or the last workstation should have enough performance
    3. imputes thickness (up to 15mm) - and about the weight will not forget, but extra + - 50 grams then the role will not play Ideal to 750 grams.
    4. Welcomes the presence of a wear-resistant glass - it is after all a working tool.
    5. Multi (estessno! )
    6. Android 3! (Or the prospect of upgrading to version 3)
    7. USB host. I just want to insert Lesha, throw something, or see the documents, or ... (come up with it yourself)
    8. The battery is not for an hour and not for 2, at least for 5-6 with average use
    9. price - ready to give 600 units of American money

    Where is she, where?

    Such devices have got into my networks: Motorola XOOM , Pioneer DreamBook ePad H10 HD , Olivetti OliPad 100 and for now.
    When ranking almost top-end devices, an interesting picture emerges on the market - there is not a single tablet that would score maximum points - 9 out of 9 (looking at the table - 8, taking into account the unknown screen coverage).


    Lines showing the presence or absence of wear-resistant glass and indicating the presence of multi-touch are not representative, but I left them so as not to break the sequence


    As you can see, OliPad is quite a profitable tablet. I use a netbook with a 1024x600 screen - that's enough. But here it’s not without a fly in the ointment: it is not clear how long the battery will keep in hours and whether it will be possible to correct the third Android. But - for similar hardware at a lower price and USB-host OliPad takes a well-deserved first place.

    Motorola XOOM

    No USB host. And do not screw in (except for the docking station, I think). This is important for me, so ZUM receives honestly earned silver.

    Pioneer dreambook

    In the lagging behind just because of information about him on the Internet - the cat cried, and 90% - copy-paste of the same review.

    Maybe the respected Khabrasoobschestvo will tell you where the world trends are going (guards - to be silent), when to expect a coveted device? Or is it worth the time?

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