Google Fights AdWords Replica Advertising

    Now spam about “almost like real” replicas of watches, clothes and other things is not received only by one who either does not have his own email address, or one who is very good at setting up spam filters. Nevertheless, on the Web, advertising of all kinds of copies can be seen with tiring regularity - contextual advertising systems are not protected from such advertising in any way. However, Google is going to fight with "replicas", which was announced on the company's blog. The beginning of the struggle was marked by the closure of more than 50 thousand accounts that posted ads of this kind.

    For the sake of fairness, it’s worth noting that in the rules of AdWords before there was a clause on the ban on advertising fake products. However, the rules are rules, but who obeys them in our time? Moreover, the corporation itself was not particularly active in tracking such advertisements. Yes, something was blocked, but it is a drop in the ocean. Now, Google is going to tackle the drainage of this very sea, for which it has invested heavily. According to the corporation, 95% of advertising for counterfeit goods has already been blocked.

    By the way, advertising all kinds of online films and pirated content is generally also prohibited in AdWords, however, this ban is easily enough bypassed by those who need it. Hopefully, blocking the advertising of illegal products will be truly effective. In principle, if Google will deal with fake products in AdWords ads as successfully as with content farms in its own search results, then maybe after a while such ads will actually become much less. It is unlikely, of course, that all this will disappear altogether, because there will always be a way around the filter or algorithm, but for the most part the advertisement of fakes will disappear.

    To increase the effectiveness of the fight against advertising illegal products, Google is introducing new methods of work:

    - Reducing the response time to the consideration of a complaint about advertising fake goods to 24 hours;
    - prohibition of placing AdSense on sites where replicas are sold;
    - simplification of the procedure for filing a complaint about fake advertising;

    Presumably, very good news for corporations that produce original products. As for the Chinese who produce various kinds of Nokla, I think they will not have any special problems, at present the demand even exceeds the supply.

    Well, let's see how the situation will develop in the future.

    Via googlepolicyeurope

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