New version: jQuery 1.5.1

    [jQuery logo]John Resig the day before yesterday (February 24) announced on jQuery the release of the next version of jQuery, which received the number 1.5.1. For download, as always, two versions of the source code are available: ordinary (212 kilobytes) and mini-version (reduced to 29 kilobytes if processed with gzip).

    Resig listed the forty-two major changes that have been made to this version of jQuery. Basically, they come down to junkiness, getting rid of bugs. But there is one visible change - three new settings were added to jQuery.ajax () :

    1) isLocal settingcontrols the recognition of the protocol used as local, that is, it allows you to supplement jQuery auto-recognition, which currently considers local only those resources that are loaded using the “file”, “* -extension” protocols (for example, “chrome-extension”, see bug 8152 ) and widget.

    2) Setting mimeType allows you to override the MIME type used in XHR.

    3) Setting xhrFields allows you to transfer an array of necessary settings (for each specifying fieldName and fieldValue, that is, the name and value of some field) to the XHR object. Say you can set withCredentials to trueif you need to request a server from another domain and send username, password and cookies there ( in MDC there is an example of JS code without jQuery for Firefox - you can figure out on this example what exactly this setting will be achieved).

    This version (jQuery 1.5.1) is the first of those that support IE9 in this way: all the problems that previously existed in working with IE9 are either fixed in jQuery or referred to IE9 developers to fix them in IE9.

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