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A recent analysis of employee requirements statistics in the 50 most popular project categories at showed that PHP is crowding out other languages ​​such as Perl , ASP, C.

PHP continues to be the dominant programming language for web projects (at, occupying approximately 40 percent (61813 projects) in 2010. This is the most popular and showing the largest absolute growth in terms of the number of requests outsourcing category at There is also a growing interest in PHP frameworkswhich is reflected in the following figures: Zend Framework an increase in the number of requests by 875%, CodeIgniter 980%, and CakePHP 551%, i.e., the increase is described by hundreds of percent, but they still do not fall into the top 50 due to the insufficient total number of projects.

Often, PHP is a replacement for other languages, such as Perl (a 39% decrease with 1,466 projects), ASP (a 22% decrease with 4,060 projects), and C (a 31% decrease with 5,297 projects). However, the surprise of 2010 was the lack of growth of its potential competitor Ruby, the interest in which has not changed (more than 3% to 825 projects). Javascript, being the main client-side language for PHP , increased demand by 42% to 13678 projects.

Popular ready-made software (out of the box) such as Wordpress or ZenCart continues to use PHP as the main base language and it is likely that it also helps it maintain its position at the top of the list for a long time.

Further, statistics on other technologies are considered, despite the fact that in this article the main topic is PHP, I think the rest of the information will be interesting.

Mobile technology also grew very fast throughout 2010. Suddenly, almost from the grave, Nokia appeared with a growth dynamics of 8700% with 880 projects, it did not get into the top 50 only because of the total insufficiently large number of projects.

Applications on Objective-C (iPhone + 182% with 6,890 projects, and the iPad debuted right away with 2,656), achieved significant growth of 647% with 1,472 projects, undoubtedly incited by the release of the iPad and iPhone 4. Android from Google with a growth of 501% has 2,813 projects, the expected release of a wide range of Blackberry RIM mobile phones also contributes to an increase in projects for this platform + 446% from 1702 projects.

Adobe's demand for Flash is gradually decreasing (by 5% to 13,748 projects), apparently due to the fact that Apple blocked it on its mobile platforms. Based on the growth dynamics considered, it can be predicted that the number of projects for Android will overtake the number of projects for iPhone in 2011.

The share of Microsoft projects has fallen dramatically in all directions, the demand for Windows applications fell by 47% to 1994 projects and ASP by 22% to 4060 projects. Interest in Visual Basic and .NET remained virtually unchanged, showing growth of 6% (to 12687) and 3% (to 3660), respectively. Windows Mobile, Active Directory, MS Exchange, and Expression showed an increase in the number of projects, but did not get into the top 50 due to their not very large number. The only bright spot was programming in C #, with an increase of 204% to 5786 projects. At Azure volumes are not significant (35 projects).

Searching the Internet has never been such an important industry requiring high quality products and services, and a good position in search engines has never been so valuable. That is why more and more attention is paid to search engine optimization ( SEO ) to ensure a high ranking and maximum coverage of search query options in the results of popular search engines. As a result, we see the increasing number of projects in this area with tremendous speed: the demand for writing articles increased by 410%, receiving a whopping 35,853 projects in 2010; writing technical documentation by 138% to 6278, writing freelance articles by 269% to 9507, creating blog entries by 126% to 11394, creating review entries by 444% to 6419, and also rewriting articles by 845% until 20129 projects.

Of course, interest in applications for social networks continues to grow. The leading ones are Facebook applications (an increase of 364% to 11,585 projects), followed by Twitter (85% by 3066), YouTube (276% by 2836), and the engine for creating your own social network SocialEngine (by 279% by 1224 projects) . The general section “Social networks” as a category also experienced a 75% increase to 8572 projects.

Online sales are alive and well. The number of projects for eBay increased by a serious 791% to 3,983 in 2010. The number of projects for other online stores led by Magento increased by 182% to 3679 projects, for osCommerce the increase was 312% to 3473 projects, for Zen Cart to 377% with 1444 projects and eCommerce to 169% with 8618 projects.

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