Electronic Accountant # 2: Registering Do-It-Yourself FE

    On average, about nine thousand people a month get Yandex tips on how to register an IP. There is a lot of information, it is quite fragmented, and even after several hours of Internet surfing on pages devoted to this topic, the overall picture in my head somehow does not add up. It's time to figure it out.

    In a programme:

    1. Why register an IP?
    2. What can happen if you place an advertisement on your blog and forget about taxes?
    3. Why should you choose the type of activity with particular care?
    4. What types of taxation systems are there?
    5. What is included in the mandatory package of registration documents for IP?
    6. Where to hand over the collected documents?
    7. How to simplify the procedure for registering IP?
    Electronic accountant at rpod.ru and podfm.ru
    Duration 7.5 minutes, size 7 Mb.
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