New content payment system from Google introduced

    Google Inc. yesterday announced the launch of a new service - payment system, which is "sharpened" under the various types of content publishers, as already reported Habré . I offer some more detailed information about the new Google service. So, through this payment system, called One Pass , publishers will be able to receive fees from readers for access to various kinds of content. At the same time, OnePass allows the publisher to choose the type of reader access to content. This may be, for example, access to a specific article, or access to all materials of a publication for a certain period.

    Publishers are given the opportunity to independently set prices for customers. There is also the option of providing discounts - for example, many publications provide a discount to customers who are subscribed to the print edition and plan to subscribe to access electronic content. It is worth noting that the new content payment system from Google creates competition for a similar service Apple. At the same time, Google takes only 10% of the commission for its services, but Apple requires significantly more - 30%.

    Google’s payment system is also significantly more open than Apple’s service. In any case, subject to the consent of readers, Google provides publishers with names, passwords, appearancesuser data such as email address, name and other data. I repeat that this is only subject to the consent of the subscriber.

    The reader can open the received content both on PC and on mobile devices, including communicators, tablets and other devices. To start working with OnePass, the publisher must register, get a code to insert on the site and provide Google with a list of materials for which the publisher wishes to charge. Currently, the service has already been launched in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, USA and France.

    Google’s developers report that the goal of the new payment system is to provide an open and flexible platform that continues the corporation’s commitment to supporting publishers, journalism, and access to quality content. LikeFirst Click Free , Fast Flip, and Living Stories , a new initiative designed to enable publishers to seamlessly distribute digital content. Companies such as Axel Springer AG, Focus Online, Popular Science, Media General, NouvelObs have already joined the initiative of the corporation.

    Via venturebeat + googleblog

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