Plan b

    A group of 9 minority shareholders of Nokia (apparently, oooooochen minority shareholders) launched the site on which they published an alternative plan for the development of the company.
    Here is a brief translation of their program:

    • Return the company a strategy whose goal is high growth and high profits obtained through innovation and the production of high-quality products.
    • Retain ownership and control of Nokia software products.
    • Transform your hiring strategy by targeting the best young talents from around the world.
    • Significantly increase efficiency by eliminating obsolete and bureaucratic practices such as geographically distributed development and outsourcing.
    • At all costs, do not become another OEM manufacturer of iron.

    and the actions they plan to take if other shareholders support them:
    • Immediate removal of Stefan Elop from his duties as president and CEO of the company.
    • Restructuring of the alliance with Microsoft, to appeal primarily to the North American market.
    • MeeGo will be the main platform of Nokia smartphones.
    • Increase the period of support for Symbian to at least 5 years.
    • Creation of a development strategy based on Qt with the main focus on MeeGo, as well as providing a transition for developers with Symbian.
    • The end of distributed R&D.
    • End of R&D outsourcing.
    • Immediate removal of Thero Oyanper, Niklas Savander and Mary MacDowell from their duties in the company.
    • An active recruitment of young talents from leading universities.
    • At a later stage, the adoption of specific actions related to the S40 platform, Ovi services and marketing activities of the company.

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