FIXber - time to “touch” the market for software testing services

    Hello, Guards!

    Not so long ago, an introductory article was written that briefly explained the basic functionality of the FIXber project , a market for software testing services.

    Since then, we have refined the new functionality and significantly reworked the old one.
    And now, as promised, we are ready to provide you with a “touch” project.

    To everyone who left their email address mail, in the morning we sent letters of invitation to connect to the project.
    We have attached several invitations to each letter for your colleagues / friends, so that you can advise our project if you like it.

    A few words about the current version of the project:
    - the current version of the project is available only by invitation,
    - virtual currency
    is provided to all users, - all customers will be credited with 30,000 rubles that they can spend on buying bugs,
    - for testers, we will keep the rating that they will earn - it will be an excellent handicap after the official launch of the project,
    - we will encourage all users who report us about the problems that they will encounter while working with the service.


    We launch all new users into the system gradually, as we receive requests for an invitation.

    Very soon we will launch a public version, which will take into account the wishes of users and all financial transactions are available.

    P.S. If for some reason you did not receive an invitation letter (the letter fell into spam or simply did not come), although you left us your email. mail then contact us and we will solve this problem.

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