MWC 2011 News Review

    Mobile World Congress 2011 has opened and many new products have already been presented. Even before the first announcement, we had heard about most of them. Now is the time to see what was true and what we did not expect at all!


    Everything is quite predictable here, but this is no less interesting. As expected, the world saw the announcement of two wonderful gadgets: a Samsung Galaxy S 2 smartphone and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. True, we expected that the tablet will be called Galaxy Tab 2.

    Samsung Galaxy S 2 This is a smartphone based on Android 2.3, controlled by the power of a dual-core single-Hz processor. According to some information, the processor architecture is Samsung's development. The screen is made using AMOLED Super Plus technology, has a diagonal of 4.27 "and a resolution of 480x800 pixels. Honestly, not very much, the grain will be clearly visible. Moreover, AMOLED technology contributes to this. But the performance of the second galaxy will not be equal!

    The main camera has an 8 MP module and is equipped with a flash (hallelujah!), And the front camera has 2 MP. The main camera allows you to shoot video in 1080p!

    Speaking of sad things. Now Galaxy S 2 is the thinnest smartphone in the world, it is 0.2 mm thinner than SE Arc in the thinnest place. Our opinion is that it would be better if autonomy did more.

    UPD It turns out that with an ultra-small thickness, a 1650 mAh battery was placed in the Galaxy S 2. Now this is definitely the object of desire!

    Speaking of the case - it is plastic. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 The tablet has a screen diagonal of 10.1 ", resolution - 1280x800 pixels. The screen is made using TFT technology, but still quite bright.

    This miracle works under the control of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The processor that will make the device fast is a single-gigahertz dual-core, based on Tegra2. Autonomy should be good, the battery capacity is 6860 mAh.
    The tablet has two cameras: the main one at 8 MP and the front at 2 MP. The main camera is also equipped with a flash and can shoot video in 1080p resolution.
    Like the first Tab, Tab 10.1 is not metal, but the plastic is now not glossy, but with an expressive texture. It is more practical.


    Everyone knows what the Finnish giant goes through . At MWC 2011, Nokia is just talking and hasn’t presented anything yet.

    Stephen Elop said that the main line of smartphones running Windows Phone 7 will appear only in 2012. But already in this we will see the “first swallow” - a smartphone that just recently lit up. The smartphone has color panels and, as it seems, a completely plastic case. We are talking about this phone in the new (sixth) issue of the video blog.

    As we expected, Nokia will get many opportunities for modifying the OS from Microsoft. Finns will be able to "pick" and finish it to a much greater extent than competitors.

    Sony Ericsson

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

    The subject of much discussion and many spy shots is now officially unveiled. Before you - a gaming smartphone running Android 2.3. Inside the XPERIA Play, a 1 GHz Snapdragon with the Adreno 205 accelerator is installed. Sony says that 60 frames per second for this smartphone is not a problem, and you can play without stopping for 5 hours and 35 minutes. The screen has a diagonal of 4 ", resolution 480x854 pixels and is made using TFT technology. Also on XPERIA Play there is a 5 MP camera and stereo speakers. Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro This is a smartphone for the business segment. I would say about communication in social networks, but part of the name "Pro" does not allow.

    This is just the smartphone that neither we nor you have heard of before. Still, keeping something secret is possible! Nevertheless, this gadget seemed even more interesting to me than Play. But this is my bias, I love full keyboards.
    XPERIA Pro - a slider with a sliding qwerty-keyboard. At first glance, the keys are very convenient. They are separated from each other and protrude quite strongly.
    The smartphone contains an onboard Snapdragon processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz. The screen is 3.7 ", the resolution is 480x854 pixels. Despite the business orientation of the model, it is equipped with two cameras with a total number of MPs of 10! Namely: 8 MP in the back (there is also a flash) and 2 MP in the front.
    If in the CIS this model is localized (and there is every reason to hope for it), XPERIA Pro will become one of the few full-keyboard on Android in our countries. And, pretty good! Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Another new company. This is a candy bar and, technically, almost a copy of the XPERIA Arc model. At first sight. The screen has a diagonal of 3.7 ", the standard resolution is 480x854 pixels. The processor is 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255. All the same two cameras, 8 and 2 MP, HDMI and ... again 320 MB of internal memory. This is ridiculous.

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