Prostopleer for iPhone, RIAA and requests to kill against the wall


    At the end of 2010, we (Treebune) together with the guys from Prostopleer released a simple iPhone application - find mp3 on iPhone and lose. Well, very Spartan.

    Why spartan? Yes, simply because I was not sure how long the application will live in the AppStore - a day, two, a month? The rigor of Apple regarding the legality of content is known to all.

    The application was (and is) free, and then even without ads at all. Everyone loves free music, and in the first week the application was downloaded by 50,000 people, while only 20% of them were from the CIS - the rest is Europe, Latin America.
    And after 5 days we received the classic “cease and desist” (known as “kill against the wall” from the RIAA with a request to remove the application from sale).
    Apparently, the tracking mechanism is ridiculously simple - if this is not a complaint, then the representatives simply read thematic blogs and press the horned one around whom the noise rises.

    The most interesting thing in this story is the position of Apple. Instead of immediately giving a kick in the ass, an Apple representative wrote that now that we have received the paper, we want to listen to your arguments. If you want - while the issue is being resolved, remove them from the sale yourself.
    We, as the creators of the interface only, have removed the application from the sale. There is no point annoying Apple and the RIAA. And then they changed the version, they also missed it, they began to filter part of the content by region. You may not notice this.

    There are other clients in the AppStore, but this version is free, and in it you can listen to playlists created in Download herehttp: // Mt = 8 How long will it last this time - God knows him. :)

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