About what bumps I filled. Part two

    Hello dear Habrahabr community!
    October 10, 2009 I published one, not a big article about my mistakes. Now, January 9, 2011, I am ready to tell the continuation of that story and share my thoughts.
    As you understand, a lot of time has passed, on the final recognition of their mistakes, their understanding and work on them.
    I would like to say right away that during the story I will refer several times to the previous one .

    The beginning began, part two.

    From the very beginning, I realized that the mistake in the leadership was exclusively mine, so it was decided to try to find a person who would try to head the studio, to become its leader. Such a person was found quickly enough, this is my former colleague, a rather experienced manager, a person with a lot of interesting ideas and not standard thinking. In fairness, I will not reveal his person.
    So, a man was found, we sat, talked, came to the conclusion that joint cooperation would not get any worse. We decided that, for the first three to four months, we will look honestly at each other in a business plan, if we are satisfied, I, as the official leader, introduce the partner into the memorandum of association. The last time I wrote the previous article, the people in my team were exactly 2 people, I and the accountant - I asked the rest to leave the team, compensating for the time spent. I knew that the only way out was to chop off the shoulder. I did so. And of that, I still have a bunch of debts, a complete lack of understanding of what (or rather how) to do now, and a legal entity. In general, the set of the young hero was complete, the “set”, so to speak, was fully assembled, and you can go on to the next quest.
    A new selection of the team began. From zero to 38 per week, on sites, forums, freelance exchanges, everything that is possible. And so, the working material was in front of me, and now, as a sculptor (sorry for the pathos), I had to create from this something intelligible and most importantly working. Ok, let's get started. The first people, probably eight, I eliminated in the second stage, eliminated through personal communication. The criteria were different - adequacy, professionalism, level of work and approach to work. Then another 10 people left our team, so in a month we managed to more or less create a team ready to work. At that time, there were about 20-23 people in the team. Sections were created, leaders were later found (more on that later).
    So - the quest has been successfully completed. While I was working with a team - a partner - I was developing a strategy, concept and more. We completed our tasks at about the same time, simultaneously pulling up the third leader - an excellent programmer.

    Stage two, the difficulty level is serious.

    Having finished a couple of projects in order to get a hand in working with the team, and the team itself worked together, we realized that, again, something was going wrong. After talking with a partner, we found out - "a ship can have only one captain." Ok, one so one. The responsibilities were shared like this - I continue to merge into an orgasm with documents, pieces of paper and other official garbage - the partner gets on an armored car and leads us to a brighter future. That is, I am a “paper” leader, all contracts and other joys are exclusively my piece of happiness, the partner works with the team and is the leader.
    OK. Everything seems to be fine, but after a couple of projects, something became clear again. We decided to take a timeout, that is, they handed over the projects and decided to think hard and count everything on pieces of paper, they took a timeout a month - in fact it turned out three. For three months everyone was ignorant of what and how was going on, asking themselves questions almost like “after the holidays” questions, such as: Where am I? Who am I? Who are all these people? Etc. etc…

    Stage Three: WTF ?!

    My partner just disappeared, well, in the sense of softly retired - how so? Yes, it’s simple, he left and that’s all, got a job, etc. - I warned, you won’t sit on two chairs, but no one began to listen to me. It’s understandable, the partner moved to another city not so long ago, and stability was naturally needed, and everything was just beginning with us. Well, ok, we decided to wait and figure out for ourselves what and how, and time went on, days, weeks, months. When another month and a half passed, I decided that I needed to change something, and took the reins of government again. I was guided by the fact that this is my company (in the ephemeral - emotional sense) - the team, in fact, I only know, so I myself will sit on an armored car. Having discussed his idea with other leaders, he accepted their approval. Ok, the situation was like this: there are many departments, there is not much load - specifically, I am overloaded, it’s hard to steer. Hmm, what to do then? And here, gentlemen of the department head come to the rescue. The departments were as follows: outsourcing (repair of computers on departure for legal entities), system administrators, designers, layout designers, programmers, seoshniki (copywriters in the same place), and desktop programmers, flashers. There were no managers (they, by the way, are still gone). I looked at what services we provide most often and what is “going” with us? Found out. Reduced unnecessary departments, (outsourcers and dekstopnikov). It is worth noting that the guys from these departments were very good pros in their fields. Well, it seems to have put the company’s structure in order, There were no managers (they, by the way, are still gone). I looked at what services we provide most often and what is “going” with us? Found out. Reduced unnecessary departments, (outsourcers and dekstopnikov). It is worth noting that the guys from these departments were very good pros in their fields. Well, it seems to have put the company’s structure in order, There were no managers (they, by the way, are still gone). I looked at what services we provide most often and what is “going” with us? Found out. Reduced unnecessary departments, (outsourcers and dekstopnikov). It is worth noting that the guys from these departments were very good pros in their fields. Well, it seems to have put the company’s structure in order,
    He left the heads of departments of people with not only qualifications, but also with the potentials (and somewhere experience) of department heads. Everything is super, and there were no signs of trouble - again work with the team and projects began to go not quite correctly.

    Stage four: web design, this is war.

    The team members began to file the orders found for them with cool motivations “I don’t care”, “I don’t really want to work for XX XXX” and “I'm busy right now”.
    So, stop the car. What is it then? It seems to have assembled a team, discussed everything individually with each - everything is super. Before taking the project and responding to the client, he consulted on a pricing policy with a specific contractor, and then when the contract was signed and the prepayment was on hand - received as a slap in the face - not interesting. O_O. Agree, the situevina is not shocking a lot, like trying, searching, and then catching it with his knee under his breath. I solved the problem in the old and good way - by firing specific people and hiring new ones. During the work, I managed to put together a team, which is a team that is ready to work and do what is expected of it. Of course, not without problems, there were a couple of precedents with some characters of the team, but everything was decided well.

    Stage five: Market, mutations, paradoxes ...


    In the course of work at first, in order to have the opportunity to breathe, of course, we seized upon everything that was possible and impossible. You can’t work like that. We tried to find our niche, it turned out to be the middle segment - fairly standard, standard projects, simple but high-quality sites and forums, and all kinds of goodies for them (modules for the vBulletin forum engine). The average price policy for the region, in general, is a simple set. Now we are trying to go up to the various sub-segments.


    If you have not read the first part of the story, let me remind you - I’m a shitty typesetter. That is, a person working specifically with the layout of sites. Now I’m a manager, I don’t think the worst, I could do a lot. Sales manager, project manager - of course, I have a lot to learn, which I actively try to do. The mutation was the perception of information in the worldview, everything became different, just different. The brain began to work on a new vector. That helped.

    Probably, it’s more correct to say not paradoxes, but unusual things, well, or something like that.
    1. As such, we don’t have typesetters, that is, those people who typeset plain HTML. We have layout typesetters (sorry for the pun) for a specific engine. I know that this is not quite a layout in good conscience, but it turned out to be easier for everyone - the layout designer displayed the main modules for the programmer, and simply set up the site so that you could already understand what and how, while the programmer (if he was required) performed his task. Naturally, the typesetter received a little more than just layout.
    2.Forums are still alive. Seriously, they are even ordered, and very actively.
    There was something else, but, alas, I will not mention it.


    Well, now plunge into the glorious world of technology and statistics.
    As engines, we chose a specific chocolate set for ourselves, which includes vBulletin and 1C-Bitrix. Both were selected as one of the most worthy representatives of their kind. And on that and on the other, without special difficulties and overlaps for the client, it is possible to realize 90% of typical tasks. Honestly, I am pleased with this choice.


    In 2010 (almost half a year) 78 were done.
    There was experience working with state-owned companies (sorry, I can’t say more - NDA.)
    The team - now there are 16 people in it, all are excellent specialists, but if it suddenly became interesting, now we are looking for more people: Designers (naturally the web), managers (both in sales and in projects), for each their own conditions.
    Men in the team - 13
    Women in the team -3 (we really appreciate them, and love), now it should be + 1, from January 10. New member.
    Age “plug” of participants from 18 to 47.
    We use Megaplan as CRM.

    As an afterword.

    We are a young team, we grow, develop, hope and plan for the best.
    The purpose of this story is to share impressions, pitfalls and how we went around them.
    Thank you for reading.

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