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    Today is Tatiana's Day, which is a holiday for all students gnawing in their native Fatherland. Celebrating with the holiday, all storily celebrating, wishes without consequences to cope with this next red day of the calendar. Frankly, sometimes I regret that fate has determined to be a lyricist, especially against the backdrop of truly brilliant physicists, mathematicians, and programmers. But, as you know, geniuses do not come out of nowhere, usually something precedes this. Under the cut a lot of pictures and a chance to feel old.

    Where in Russia are preparing intellectual special forces?

    It so happened that in my life I happened to communicate quite a lot with graduates of MIPT. And every time I had to hear about "real physicists". There are many terms, but if in brief, then most often it sounds: “the most severe selection”, “the most powerful educational load” and “the coolest fellow students”. If you entered, survived after the sessions and received a diploma from MIPT, then everything else in life will seem like “flowers”. Intellectual special forces, not otherwise. So, among graduates of the MIPT, there is, it seems to me, a kind of corporate solidarity with respect to "theirs". It's like the paratroopers August 2, only in relation to physics, mathematics and other exact disciplines. “A real phystech”, it seems to me, is more willing to take on the team of the same “physicotech”, if you suddenly have to choose between two equal candidates. Although I could be wrong.

    The graduates of MSTU named after Bauman, by the way, have a similar picture. I say this only because it has been possible to communicate with “Baumans” also with enviable regularity. Simply Parallels develops its educational programs in the format of basic departments and research laboratories on the basis of the leading universities of the country. Therefore, students, interns and successful graduates come to the company annually. Sorry for the "offtopic". Distracted. I propose to look at how the grandees of the domestic IT industry looked like being students and what universities they graduated from.

    Boris Nuraliev , one of the founders of the company "1C". Candidate of Economic Sciences.

    In 1975 he entered the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MSUES), in the second year began working in the specialty “Automated control systems” in the research laboratory at the institute. In 1980, Boris Georgievich graduated from the institute and remained to work at the university as an engineer, where he created computer-aided database design systems for domestic factories. In 1991, Nuraliev founded the company "1C". A year later, the first accounting program “1C: Accounting” appeared, which was originally an auxiliary software for working with accounting. Well, then you all know.

    Sergey Belousov ,a serial entrepreneur, has created two world-famous companies - Parallels and Acronis - and several dozen other projects in Russia, the USA, Asia and Europe.

    In 1995, he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) with a degree in computer science. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics, an honors degree in physics and electrical engineering, and a Ph.D.

    Dmitry Grishin , Chairman of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Mail.ru Group; founder of the investment fund Grishin Robotics.

    In 1995 he entered the Faculty of Robotics and Integrated Automation of the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, graduating in 2001 with a red diploma in the specialty "Computer-aided design systems".

    Eugene Kaspersky ,One of the founders, main owner and current head of Kaspersky Lab.

    In 1987, he graduated from the 4th (technical) faculty of the KGB Higher School (now the faculty is known as the Institute of Cryptography, Communications and Informatics of the Academy of the FSB of Russia) in Moscow, where he studied mathematics, cryptography and computer technology, and received a degree in engineering ". I think that everyone is familiar with the biography of Yevgeny Valentinovich. If not, the details are here .

    David Yang , Founder and Board Member, ABBYY Group of Companies. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

    In 1992 he graduated from the Faculty of General and Applied Physics MIPT. In 1989, studying in the fourth year, he co-founded the company Bit Software, which was renamed ABBYY in 1998. Below is a photo of that time. Can you find David Evgenievich without prompts?

    Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich , co-founders of Yandex .
    Ilya Segalovich graduated from the Faculty of Geophysics of the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute in 1986. After graduation he worked as a programmer at the All-Union Institute of Mineral Resources, where he wrote geophysical information systems in Fortran. In 1991 he began working with Arkady Volozh, graduated in 1986 from the Institute of Oil and Gas. I. M. Gubkin specialty "Applied Mathematics". 

    By the way, while collecting the invoice, I came across a completely amazing artifact - the program “100 to one” since the beginning of the company. There will be time, look. Personally, I got real pleasure from looking at the future with the romantic eyes of the participants of that broadcast, which, by the way, took place almost 20 years ago.

    Instead of the conclusion
    Actually, star graduates much more. Surely someone forgot. It would be interesting to see your student photos in the comments and listen to university stories. For example, I, before going to the fold “okayti”, was a servant of Esculapius and practically connected my life with medicine. Did not reach the finish line. On the other hand, I always smile when TNK’s archive series “Interns” is launched. Very similar to what happened to me. True, I can not decide which of the heroes of the series, I was more like Levin or Lobanov.

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