SAP Obliged to Pay Oracle $ 1,300,000,000

    Yes, yes, you were not mistaken, just such an amount.
    $ 1.3 billion in favor of Oracle. This is in addition to the amount of $ 120 million that SAP agreed to pay voluntarily before the trial. By the way, Oracle hoped to sue 2 billion. It did not work out.

    Let me remind you that the story began with the purchase by SAP of the American company TomorrowNow. Using SAP development, which positioned itself as a technical support service provider for Oracle products, TomorrowNow was able to provide support at lower prices than Oracle itself, as a result of which a significant part of the companies abandoned Oracle services in favor of TomorrowNow.

    The court eventually admitted that TomorrowNow, as a subsidiary of SAP, illegally downloaded and used Oracle documents and software products, thereby causing financial damage to it.

    In the end, yesterday the largest fine in the world at the moment in the field of copyright and industrial espionage was imposed.

    By the way, yesterday after the announcement of the court ruling, SAP shares fell 1.2 percent, while Oracle shares fell 3.07 percent.

    via Associated Press

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