Django 1.3 alpha 1


    A few days ago, the first alpha of the new Django 1.3 branch was finally released. The release, of course, is not intended for deployment on combat servers, but for testing new functionality, identifying all kinds of bugs "and all that."

    The first alpha boasts a small but pleasant improvement in the main functionality, a large number of bugs fixed, as well as several changes that are not compatible with the previous version of Django 1.2.

    • Class based views .
      Now, views can be used as classes with appropriate methods. Inheritance adds a lot of tasty features. Old versions of representations will be considered as derivatives of the main base class of representations, which means that they can also be easily extended.

    • Logging .
      A battery with support for the standard Python logging module has been added, which makes logging more convenient. Logging

    • Improved statics handling .
      Together with Django 1.3 there is a new application 'django.contrib.staticfiles' .

    • Support unittest2 .
      The innovations in the unittest2 module liked the Django developers so much that they decided to include a copy of the module in the release.

    • Contextual transaction managers .

    • A few more relatively noticeable changes and many no less relatively inconspicuous.
    You can read about Django 1.2 incompatible solutions here .

    There are also a few things that Django said: “No.” The developers opposed:

    • mod_python .
      Due to the fact that server development has stopped a very long time ago, Django strongly recommends switching from it to mod_wsgi.

    • Function-based generic representations .
      Due to the introduction of a new view, the following modules will be removed:
      - django.views.generic.create_update
      - django.views.generic.date_based
      - django.views.generic.list_detail
      - django.views.generic.simple

    • And something else .

    Release Schedule

    • Week of November 29, 2010: First beta.

    • Week of January 10, 2011: Django 1.3 RC 1

    • January 17, 2011: Final Release

    More details here .

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