Salute, Habr!

    I am sure that some not yet well-known companies that host a blog on Habré are faced with the question of what to write about, and most importantly, how the community will perceive their publications.

    Undoubtedly, we want to make the blog useful first of all, so that feedback from readers is constant and active.

    We are ready to share our experience in creating successful websites that we have implemented together with our customers. We studied, they studied.

    So, will it be interesting for habrachitateli to discuss these topics:
    • website concept development
    • project development strategy selection
    • website promotion and forecast of promotion results
    • promotion methods and their specifics
    • assessment of the results of promotion (statistics of visits, accounting of customers in the company)

    I would also like to consider atypical situations. We like to study too.

    We look forward to hearing.

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