Squier Stratocaster controller for Rock Band and a full electric guitar in one bottle

    If earlier video games tried to come into contact with reality due to high-quality graphic effects, recently alternative game controllers are gaining more and more popularity. Wii, PS Move, XBox Kinect - all this is just the beginning. Next came the creator of musical instruments Fender, who decided to combine in one thing a full-fledged electric guitar, Midi-instrument and game controller for the Rock Band 3 video game.

    Like any other serious instrument, the Squier Stratocaster case is made of wood, steel is used as the material for the strings. Determining the current location of the player’s hands is based on the use of additional motion sensors mounted in the fingerboard. Squier Stratocaster will appear on store shelves by March 2011 at a price of $ 279.99 per unit.

    You can pre-order it now on the Fender website .

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