Symbian Foundation receives 22 million euro investment


    On the official blog of the Symbian Foundation, a record appeared that at the initiative of the European Commission, the community received 22 million euros for the development of next-generation technologies. According to the Symbian Foundation, this will lead to new stages in the development of the operating system, which will connect 24 organizations from 8 European countries.

    Among these organizations a new consortium SYMBEOSE ( Symb ian - the E mbedded About perating the S ystem for E urope) have the developers of both software and hardware, mobile operators and other companies.
    Symbian Foundation believes that with these investments, the community will be able to actively developopen Symbian operating system, as well as prepare the basis for creating new devices based on the world's most popular mobile system. The development plans will be optimized for multi-processor systems, coupled with the use of new technologies of asymmetric multiprocessing and cloud services. The SYMBEOSE consortium will work together with the Symbian community, combining development and contributing to the common code base of the operating system.
    In general, while Habrahabr buried the Symbian Foundation, the community got a lot of grants.

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