Evernote site memory button for Habr

    There is not always time to read an interesting article on Habré and I put them as bookmarks. But it so happened that by going from bookmarks to the page I received a message that the topic was moved to drafts, or the author was blocked. There is a good option for this - Evernote, but under the linux version there is no nevernote.sourceforge.net (thanks to andy_minsk for the link), and the clipper for firefox blocks all other firefox windows during operation (maybe this is just my problem), besides the whole page with extra blocks is saved, or you need to select what you need to save. Therefore, with the appearance of the site memory button , there was a desire to fasten it to the hub The result was a user script.. The script adds an evernote button to the information panel at the bottom of the post.

    When saving through this button, only the post itself is saved, the tag for notes used by the author of the post is also offered, and the name of the blog in which the post was published is proposed as a notepad.

    Works in Firefox Greasemonkey and Opera, in Safari GreaseKit was not tested, in Google Chrome it was not possible to get work.
    UPD: Updated the script now saves and comments 2 options
    1) bit.ly/9a9e3f all comment styles are saved, but it slows down

    2) bit.ly/9fJEwo a simplified view of comments does not slow down

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