LED panel with WIFI Sonoff BN-SZ01

    One of the components of the cheap “smart home” Sonoff is the BN-SZ01 LED-panel, which can be used with the shades from ordinary lamps.

    I measured the light parameters and electrical parameters of this panel.

    In the center of the panel is the electronics unit, which includes the LED driver and the control module for WIFI.

    Behind the metal panel with three magnets that can be used for mounting.

    Unlike other Sonoff devices, there is no button and to enter the synchronization mode, you must first turn on the panel in the network, and then, five times at intervals of about two seconds, disconnect it from the network and turn it on again.

    In the eWelink application, you can enable and disable the panel, as well as see its current status. There is a panel behavior setting at power on (on, off, last state). As with other Sonoff devices, you can configure the power-on schedule and timers.

    On the Sonoff website, the power of the panel is 18 W, the color temperature is 6500K (for some reason, only on the English-language page ), the operating voltage is 180-264V (there is an error on the Russian page, it says 180-364V). The luminous flux is clearly not specified, only 100 lm / W is written (18x100 = 1800 lm is obtained). On the panel itself is written 160-265V 20W.

    The luminous flux was measured using a two-meter integrating sphere and a Instrument Systems spectrometer , lighting angle and consumption characteristics with a Viso Light Spion instrument, power consumption with a Robiton PM-2 instrument , color rendering index, color temperature and pulsation with a Uprtek MK350D instrument. The minimum operating voltage, at which the luminous flux decreased by no more than 10% of the nominal, was measured using a Lamptest-1 device, a Stable Stabilizer Insta 500 , a LATRA Suntek TDGC2-0.5, and an Aneng AN8001 multimeter . Before measurements to stabilize the parameters, the LED panel warmed up for half an hour.

    The measured power of the panel is 17 W, the luminous flux is 1540 lm, the color temperature is 6261K, the color rendition index (CRI, Ra) is 85.8. The pulsation of light is practically absent. The minimum voltage at which the LED panel can work is 126 volts.

    Lighting angle

    Oscillogram of current consumption. Power factor (power factor) - 0.51.

    The brightness of the LED-panel corresponds to an incandescent lamp 150 watts. It has a rather high color rendering index, but the panel light is too cold for use in residential areas. Scientists recommend the use of warm light 2700-3000K in bedrooms, nurseries and living rooms, contributing to relaxation. In kitchens, work areas and office spaces, neutral white light 4000K is considered optimal, contributing to concentration. Cold light, like this panel, is more suitable for outbuildings and utility rooms. It is a pity that Sonoff does not have the same panels with warm and neutral light.

    The manufacturer (by the way, Itead does not produce these panels itself, but ewelink-eco) indicates that the panel does not support dimming, however, in some alternative firmware this function exists and the brightness is regulated in alternative applications.

    In the official online store Itead, the LED panel with WIFI BN-SZ01 costs $ 8.5.

    © 2018, Alexey Nadyozhin

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