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    Today is Friday, which means that there is only a week left until CodeFest in Novosibirsk . And, of course, there is no better reason to write a pre-final post about the conference and about the speakers who are going to share their knowledge and skills with us.

    In the CodeFest program, we selected 24 reports on development, project management and testing. Here are just a few of them.

    Production of software for developers
    Andrey Platov, founder and head of the company Xored, which released such products as TruStudio, Dynamic Languages ​​Toolkit, Q7. Among customers are Cisco Systems and British Telecom.
    CouchDB: from theory to practice
    Victor Bilyk, java-developer of internal products for Bosch and Belgacom. Modestly “unemployed full time” writes about himself, but we know something, we all know about him!
    сlass Server :: Cloud <Server :: Hardware // Manage servers as objects with properties and methods
    Nat Gadzhibalaev, evangelist Oversan. Gladly responded to the request to make a cool technical report on the topic of the cloud API. In addition, Nat promises a cloud surprise for CodeFest participants. Look forward to!
    Leadership or about garden beds and gardens
    Alexander Orlov, founder of the Happy PM project, former team leader at Sun Microsystems and Intel.
    Problems of evaluating the work of programmers
    Alexander Pogrebnyak, head of the web projects department at Alawar Entertainment, has 7 years of experience in software development and 3 years of experience in managing a team of programmers and testers.
    We formulate the requirements for the response time of services
    Andrey Kuzmichev, head of the load testing group at Yandex, owner of his own Lunapark :)
    Test Automation Flex / Flash GUI
    Sergey Vysotsky, Software Developer in Test at DataWorks. One of the projects tested by Sergey is a voluminous flash editor.
    Etc. Etc.

    Each of the 24 reports included in the program was moderated manually, and we can confidently say that each report at CodeFest is purely applied in nature. Moreover, tomorrow at the DublGIS office in Novosibirsk there will be a meeting of speakers at which we will preliminarily listen and discuss their reports and presentations. True, not all speakers are aware that we invited a professional oratory coach to the meeting , but this is another story. Let it be a surprise for them :)

    Micro-Reports Section

    A week ago, we were eager to make a section of mini-reports for everyone. The desire did not quench, but since the program turned out to be quite dense, we decided to dwell on the option of “micro-reports”.

    As we already wrote, in addition to flipcharts, an additional screen with a projector will be installed in the chill-out, and any CodeFest participant can make a micro-report on the issue of concern for 5-10 minutes. The only two conditions: the topic should concern development, project management or testing, and the presentation should not be advertising.

    Naturally, these micro-reports will not be in the program, so all of them will be a complete surprise.

    Cork board for vacancies

    It's no secret that major IT events always attract the head hunters of large companies. And in order to direct their interest in the right direction, we decided to install a large cork board in the chill-out on which any job seeker can attach his job search ad. We are sure that companies will post their vacancy announcements there.

    So, September 23, Novosibirsk, CodeFest

    Come, it will be awesome!

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