WebHiTech '2010. Are you already using HTML 5? Set a good example to the rest!

    WebHiTech '2010Dear colleagues, welcome! I am glad to announce, albeit with some delay, the start of accepting applications for the WebHiTech technological excellence contest this year, to think only for the third time.

    Let me remind you that our competition is aimed at promoting the dissemination in Runet of development practice in the spirit of respect for modern web standards. From the moment the contest was organized for the first time, a lot of water has flowed. The web has changed markedly in technological terms. Today, few people from the web-standardist community will be surprised by the high-quality layout in accordance with the XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS2.1 specifications - for us this is already in the order of things, although, unfortunately, for the vast majority of sites functioning on the RuNet, even this level is still is an unattainable bar. But time is swift, inexorable and does not wait for those who are lagging behind. Web developers, accustomed to creating at the forefront of progress, are already experimenting with HTML 5, creating completely viable and self-sufficient projects on its basis. You can already use such "miracles" as web fonts, SVG and Canvas, geolocation and many others. other

    Last year, not a single project created using the new structural elements of HTML 5 was submitted to our competition. This year, we received such an application on one of the first days of the work advancement stage, and we hope that it is far from its kind last one. I am sure that the jury of the competition will somehow support projects based on “future technologies” in a special way. Of course, sites that competently use simply modern technologies, “technologies of the present” will be appreciated. So, we are waiting for your applications for the 2010 WebHiTech contest.

    Under habrakat - a few details for those interested.

    This year's competition rulessome important changes have been made. In particular, the principle of evaluating nominated projects by the jury has changed significantly. Firstly, the excessively 100-point system was replaced by a 10-point system. Secondly, for a number of reasons, we refused to calculate the average score - now the decisive indicator when ranking the nominees in the first round of judging the jury is a simple sum of the scores collected by one or another project.

    In order to more clearly understand what level should be guided when applying for the competition, here are the lists of winners of 2008 and 2009 .

    Participation in the competition has always been and will be strictly free.

    Regardless of whether the selection committee decides whether to approve or reject the submitted application, the author of the application will receive an e-mail with a brief review of the submitted project, written by one or more members of the selection committee. Such reviews will help authors of approved applications to make their site better and increase their chances of winning the competition. Authors of rejected review applications will clearly understand the reasons why the selection committee “wrapped” the project. By the way, there are known cases when the participation of some projects in the competition was approved by the selection committee from the second or third time, after the website developers eliminated the gross shortcomings noted by us.

    Award ceremonyAccording to the 2008 version, the winners, prize-winners and finalists of the WebHiTech contest were held in a rather interesting place - a declassified military bunker.

    The venue of the award ceremony in 2009 was not so original, but we combined business with pleasure - in addition to the award itself, we also held a mini-conference on web standards .

    I think that in 2010 it will be boring. The main thing is that we have someone to reward. And it depends entirely on you. Please do not be shy and put forward technologically sound projects for our competition . Good luck to you and your projects!

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