Microsoft introduced a new game controller for the Xbox 360


    Yes, it is, gamers will really have at their disposal a new controller for the Xbox 360 gaming console, however, this will happen only in November. Now the gaming public is shown the controller itself, which is really changed. For example, the developers finally drew attention to the D-pad, changing it so that it became more convenient. But of course, the main change that users can see immediately is a redesign. Instead of white and colored buttons, we now have a grayish joystick with buttons colored in various shades of gray.

    But most of all players should be pleased with the new D-pad, on which the developers have worked hard. By the way, Major Nelson, the head of one of the Xbox Live branches, was the first to introduce this controller on his blog and post a video. So, he believes, and quite rightly, that users really do not like the D-pad, and it was on him that the developers worked the most. Now this module has two positions - it can be “pressed” into the case, or made so that the disk protrudes above the general surface of the controller.

    In addition, the wireless modules of the controller are now finalized and improved. The exact date of the appearance of the new controller is November 9th. It will be delivered only as part of a special Microsoft Play Charge kit, the price for the whole set will be 64.99. Not so little, but not so much.

    Honestly, the old controller is quite suitable for me, I didn’t experience any inconvenience during the game. Well, perhaps they would have come up with the wireless charging of the batteries of this device, but, most likely, such technologies will soon enter our life tightly - after all, prototypes of wireless chargers have appeared a long time ago. Well, anyone who wants to can watch a video demonstrating the new items.

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