“How much sms?” - a new program in the Android Market

    The programmers of the SmsCoin project decided to join the slender ranks of software developers for both the Android platform and the iPhone, and wrote a new useful application for those who want to know the true cost of messages sent to short numbers. After downloading and installing the “How much sms?” Program, the user firstly pays nothing - both the program itself and the ability to update it are absolutely free, and secondly, it eliminates the need to connect the Internet to use it. At the moment, the application offers:

    • simple and convenient interface
    • initial base, which includes 160 numbers and 31 mobile operators
    • regular database updates

    All information is provided by the technical department of SmsCoin. At the moment, there is an opportunity to check the cost of SMS only in Russia, but project programmers report that according to the results of user reviews it is planned to add new numbers (for residents of the CIS countries) and an international version with numbers and mobile operators around the world.
    The utility for Android is already available for download in the Android Market , and the application for the iPhone is apprut ​​in the AppStore .
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