Opening PocketBook Blog

    We welcome all readers and users of Habrahabr!
    Today on Habrahabr we open the official PocketBook company blog . The blog is designed to communicate with the community, discuss your and our ideas, as well as publish interesting news.
    I’ll tell you a little about PocketBook:
    The main area of ​​our activity is the production of devices for reading electronic books. The company has representative offices in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and the USA, and a distribution network already exists in 24 countries. PocketBook company was founded in 2007. At the moment, there are four models of electronic books in our lineup: Pocketbook 301, Pocketbook 301+, Pocketbook 360 and Pocketbook 302.

    In the near future we will be releasing new models (pictures under the cut):
    You can view information about them in our Press Release on the official website.

    We hope that you will be interested with us. Wait for new news.

    Yours sincerely.
    Savchuk Andrey
    Internet project manager at PocketBook.

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