Turn off spellcheck in Chrome

    The spell-checker feature built into the Chrome browser can be very useful. But, being useful, at times you still want to turn off this obsessive function when the browser begins to underline words that it does not find in its standard dictionaries. If the problem is familiar to you and you want to disable this feature, follow the instructions.

    First, we direct our eyes to the familiar "Options" icon in the form of a wrench. Click her. Open the "Options" window.

    In the settings window, go to the "Advanced" tab.

    In the "Advanced" tab, scroll down a bit to the "Font and Language Settings" item.

    In the "Font and Language Settings" window, navigate to the "Languages" tab. And there, uncheck the box next to "Spellchecker."

    Here is such an unobvious procedure to disable the spell-check feature in the Chrome browser. Let's hope that in Chrome OS everything will be a little simpler.

    Also note that Chrome also allows you to do spellchecking for other languages, depending on your location.

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