Habrafootball in the Northern capital: organizational post


    I will be brief.

    date and time

    Sunday, August 22, 12:00. Please be on the field in advance, at about 11:45.

    A place

    5 Ordinarnaya Street (metro station Petrogradskaya). The plan in the picture. A check mark marks the desired house (with a well), it has an arch. You need to go through the arch, then through another one, and there will be a field on the right (it is located between houses No. 5 and No. 3A).


    Artificial coating with crumbs. Most comfortable to play in 12-studded boots and centipedes. There are locker rooms and a shower.

    The game

    Judging by the previous post , about 10 people are recruiting us, so we'll play for an hour and a half, let's look at the situation.


    He takes dark T-shirts (wraps will be light), as well as water, balls, cameras, fans and especially fans. Let me remind you that renting a field is paid, so take money with you, 150 rubles is enough.

    Contact Information

    You can record my phone and call if something happens: 8 921 321 5519 (Andrey).

    You can unsubscribe in the comments to confirm your participation, as well as retweet the message .

    See you on the field!

    UPD Participants: andreycha , Nash (+1), noRerih , 3ybHa9_Fe9 , ZooBestik , LLIAMAH , phillennium , Ex3NDR , faustmax , ilyafd (+1)

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