Google, Apple and Facebook

    While Facebook and Google are competing in geolocation and social functionality, acquiring appropriate startups, the next scene unfolds.
    Google launches an analogue of the Apple App Store for its Chrome browser - the Chrome Web Store. Apparently, in order to appeal to developers and customers, a significant part of the interface is simply copied from the Apple App Store.
    The main difference will be inherent in the price, instead of dividing 70% to developers and 30% for processing, Google plans to keep only 5%.
    The first target niche is browser games. The launch is planned in October 2010.

    In the minds of Steve Jobs and Sergey Brin, apparently, there is a thought that there will be no Internet today. There will be access to the necessary applications integrated into one system. And the rest of the Internet will be like a kind of remote dangerous area.

    Photos from the first presentation of the Chrome Web Store, which was held on August 16 at the Game Developers Conference Europe in Germany:

    Small UPD: note that the screenshot shows the "Applications that your friends selected" below. This suggests that socialization is implied in advance and that Google’s new “social strategy” is now taken into account in all products. Another interesting point is that in other earlier Google products the word "friend" is not actually mentioned. Continuous connections, follow, flows, etc.

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