The official name of Ubuntu 11.04 is Natty Narwhal

    Mark Shuttleworth announced his final decision regarding the name of the next version after Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat): it will be Natty Narwhal , or "Graceful Narwhal." It is assumed that this will be the release of Ubuntu 11.04.

    His post explains the course of his thoughts, and also gives various rejected options (Naiant Nailtail, Neutral Newt, Nobby Noctule). There he complains that sometimes only combinations of the words nubile (sexy), naughty (capricious), naiad (naiad) and nymph (nymph) come to mind.

    Narwhalbeing an arctic (and rather dangerous) animal, it is a reminder that Ubuntu is entirely based on the generosity of the developers who contribute to its development, on respect for our neighbors, and on awareness of the complexity of the ecosystem that feeds and dresses us and helps us to feel in good health. Here is such a complex chain of reasoning.

    And the fact that the narwhal is elegant, obliges to pay special attention to how the system is perceived. The first impression is important, the following are even more important, so Canonical is going to make them both unforgettable.

    Work on improving designis in full swing. “N-release" should be the most beautiful creation of the company. On the other hand, a beautiful cover does not guarantee a fascinating reading, so the functionality should not be forgotten, and the content should be brought into line with the form.

    Immediately after the release of 10.10 (Maverick), the developers plan to completely concentrate on the most full use of the capabilities of modern video cards - both to improve the appearance and to increase productivity.

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